A Love story.
4years, 16 distilleries,
3 tequilas
The moment Justin tried his hand in barreling his own tequila in early 2016, a new adventure was born. A former restaurateur working in kitchens for over ten years, he had long been a spirits aficionado - typically preferring bourbons over what would quickly become his obsession.

He has seen much of the same sort of tequilas come through his bar -many clearly cheaply made, tasting like the one before, without a unique point of view.
Through his industry connections,he set out for Jalisco to learn more about the distilling process - eventually coming back with a blend barreled in oak he personally picked - wondering howhis patrons would find it compared to the dozens of other tequilas he stocked.

Days later - he had his answer. A tequila with a point of view brought others the same revelation it brought him - he was on to something.
The point of view that was developing was an adventure in its own right - the belief that great tequila, the ingredients, techniques, and the people producing it all created something larger than a sum of its parts.

If carefully balanced - a great tequila could have a richness that could not be described just in its processor components - a feeling that would eventually become the foundations of what Casa Rica was meant to bring into the world.

Untraditionally traditional. Joining of new and old worlds

On yet another trip out to the distillery, Chris and Justin were helping harvest agave for another blend of their reposado. They noticed that in the composting process, the pina was leaving a reddish pink residue on their hands. Immediately inspired, they brought it to Zandra - the master distiller - wondering what it might taste like if added to the distillation process. The first rose colored tequila, made from natural derivatives of typical tequila process, wasborn.


Don Jose and one of the only female distillers in the industry, Zandra, were both steadfast in their commitment to tradition but also willing to try new things and co-create something new and unique for Casa Rica. It was here where they started experimenting - searching for that richness that only a blend of new and old could create.

People Behind the Lights
Meet our team
Founder and CEO

The moment Justin tried his hand in barreling his own tequila in early 2016, a new adventure was born. A former restauranteur working in kitchens for over 10 years, he noticed a lack of high quality, unique tequilas ideal for sipping.


After years in the entertainment industry, Chris decided he needed a new adventure. He began his journey with Justin, meeting the family and developing a way to introduce Casa Rica to the world.


With over 20 years in the music industry, Nick's talent is unmatched. One day, Nick tried Casa Rica and immediately knew he had to be part of the journey.


A crucial player in the Casa Rica story, Gil facilitated the visits to every distillery in Jalisco. He has the biggest heart in the world and can't wait to see this project come to life.


We’re committed to giving back and protecting the land that makes Casa Rica possible. We’re passionate about regenerative farming, are working to become fully organic, and have adopted innovative composting practices which have even allowed us to speed up plant maturity.

We can and will leave the land of Casa Rica better than when we found it.
Thats a philosophy that goes farther than just tequila, it’s what we live everyday and teach our children. When distilling, we take great care to use every bit of the agave plant so nothing is wasted.

The trimmings from the harvest make their way into an all natural, open air compost pit - followed by left over agave fibers from the agave extraction process.

Water is added to the mixture and it rests for months, developing into all-natural additives for the next crop of agave.
This commitment is more broad than JUST agriculture.

Zandra Gomez Santiago is an icon in the world of agave - one of the few female distillers in the region. She inspires the industry both in her innovative practices but also in her mission to bring more women into a traditionally male practice.

Using juicy agave that has been ripened pink, our naturally colorful Rosado has a tropical essence.
THE Blanco
A new take on a classic, our subtly herbal Blanco is filtered three times to reveal hints of vanilla.
Tequila reimagined
The reposado
Inspired by the craft of bourbon, our oak-barrel Reposado is toasty and smooth like burnt caramel.